How are your pebbles packaged?

All of our pebble and gravel products are supplied in pre-packed plastic bags. The landscaping grade polished and natural rock are available in either a 15 or 20kg option (depending on product), whereas our fine decorative gravels and crushed glass options are supplied in smaller 2kg bags.

Can I buy your stone in bulk?

Our stone is imported in pre-packaged bags within larger woven bulka bags. Many of our stockists will be able to offer discounted rates on large quantities, but the stone cannot be purchased loose by the cubic meter or Tonne.

Where do your stone products come from?

Our stone products are imported from a variety of countries across Asia, including Indonesia, China and India.

Do all your stockist supply your whole range?

We have a huge collection of stockists located across the East coast of Australia. The range each store holds is up to the individual store management, but every stockist will have access to our entire range and may be able to special order anything not currently on hand.

Can I buy direct from your warehouse?

We have a large network of stockists across Brisbane. For the best buying experience, we recommend visiting one of their stores directly.

Kashmiri Pebbles